#14: Losing Body Fat for GOOD, Part 2 of 3

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In this Episode, we get into a hot topic – Losing Body Fat for Good. A three-part series that is super informative and focussed on enabling you to get in the driving seat, versus jumping from one fad crash diet to the next.

This is Part 2. You can also read the related 3-part articles on AdapNation’s website, starting here.

What to Expect From This Three Part Podcast Series:

  • Part 1- Level-setting on some Key Facts regarding our Western Diets
    • Feedback on AdapNation Food DiaryMeals
    • Do we actually know how many calories we are eating and burning?
    • The deliberate Lies and Misdirection we’ve been told for decades
    • You’re not Hungry, you’re Addicted to modern food
  • Part 2 – Practical Principles & Knowledge to Take Control
    • Calculating your Calorie Expenditure and Calorie Goals
    • How to think about Exercise and Movement
    • Which and how much Macronutrients to have
    • Foods to Remove/Reduce and foods to Add/Increase
    • Meal ideas and inspiration
  • Part 3 – Top 10 Practical Tips & Insights For Fat Loss
    • Covering Intermittent Fasting, Tracking, Meal Timing, Meal Frequency
    • Guidance on how to Diet and still Eat Out
    • Importance of Sleep to controlling weight
    • Healthy Fat Loss Rates, what to expect in first week, and cals in 1lbs of Fat
    • Two Bonus Insights for Women only

As always, we dig in to some detail to help you best understand the topics and enable you with practical guidance you can try out immediately.

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  3. AdapNation Food Diary – 100’s of Tasty Healthy Meal Ideas, that are focussed on helping you thrive
  4. Facebook Community – To get into conversation with like-minded folk wanting to be their best
  5. #HyperWorkoutsYouTube Videos – 8-week training blocks, with video guides and print-outs
  6. Steve’s Body & Mind Progress Journals – Follow Steve’s real-world progress, following all the principles within the Podcasts
  7. AdapNation Instagram – To see what’s going on in our world across business, training and family


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