#107: How to improve Sport Performance & Body Mechanics in the Gym (Joe DeFranco Principles) ~Bryn Jenkins

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Today, we have Bryn Jenkins back on the mics, after his visit to to the Mind Pump Studio in California and getting educated but the pro-sports strength and conditioning Joe DeFranco. 

This episode is all about how to improve your sport performance and body mechanics, as well as your quality of life by doing the right things in the gym. 

Bryn shares with us the essence and key principles of what he picked up by Joe DeFranco and his world-class team of S&C coaches. This is a rare insight into what is most important for athletes to perform at their best, by pairing they sports practice with deliberate work in the gym. 

For me (Steve), very much a non-athlete, there was so much for me to consider and use in my own endeavours of being strong, muscular, functional and healthy. I’m sure you’ll get a ton of value too.

Joe DeFranco Mind Pump CPPS Certification
Joe DeFranco Mind Pump CPPS Certification

Here’s what we cover

  1. Fan Boy Alert! – Bryn visiting the US Mind Pump studio and meeting Adam, Sal & Justin
  2. The Joe DeFranco CSSP Certification – increasing sport performance and general function
  3. The role of Genetics & Training – the Shit, Suck, Good, Great model
  4. The importance of Breathing – how to up your gym, sport and life game by assessing and correcting breathing and bracing
  5. The value of a Movement Assessment – Understanding Passive and Active assessments, Mobility vs Stability issues, and individual-specific programming
  6. The role and manipulation of Fascia – what is Fascia, the issues with tight fascia, and how to loosen it up for better mechanics
  7. Prioritising Recovery – Getting sport and gym doses right, combined with appropriate recovery strategies to maximise performance
  8. The benefits of Accommodating Resistance – How not to use chains. The value of bands – Strength curves, improving strength and controlling acceleration
  9. Concentric versus Eccentric – understanding how to best train and develop the eccentric portion of the lift for more gains
  10. What is Power, and how to increase it? – The calculation, the difference to speed. The % intensities. How to improve power
  11. Non-Specific vs Sport Specific Training – What is GPP, GS and SS? How to improve sport performance with the use of all three
  12. How to Improve your Speed? – We discuss fast runners, how increase speed without moving faster, older runners, optimal running mechanics and how to develop the speed in the gym
Joe DeFranco Mind Pump CPPS Cert
The CPPS Cert Coaches at Mind Pump!

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  1. Thanks Smitty, really enjoyed the course and I’m still putting the material to use. Well worth dragging my new born and wife to Cali, and it was great to meet you in person.

  2. Just finding this! Thanks so much for coming over Bryn! I didn’t realize you brought your 4-month old! Really appreciate the great review of the CPPS course!

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