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You have to celebrate the small wins. It’s these little milestones and external votes of confidence that spurs you on – wanting to do more and be more.

This week, a local paper picked up on the growing presence of AdapNation online, and were keen to promote it’s founding emanating from Leighton Buzzard. Thank you Janet Bew and Hannah Richardson for showing the interest and putting this small piece together. 🙏

AdapNation in the News!
AdapNation picked up by the local press – click to see the piece

It’s not huge, but it nonetheless it made me and the family proud of the progress we’re making. These small positive feedback loops are like having the wind blow stronger into your sails, and they propel you forward with increased confidence and conviction.

Leighton Buzzard Observer on AdapNation
Excerpt from the Leighton Buzzard Observer – click to read full piece

We’ve only just got started, and are a million miles away from the value and impact I believe we can make here at AdapNation. SO much more to do – significantly more awareness and reach, more stories of personal impact as a result of our content, and a string of highly valuable products that can help people go on a journey through the AdapNation content, to help them be their best.

Thank you all for your encouragement and most importantly, your attention. The content we create is only valuable if people stop their manic busy life for a moment to consume and enable new exciting ideas and practices to flourish.


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