The Ladies BREAK-THE-MOULD Body Plan – Lift, Measure, Cut, Repeat 😊 [Part 5]

Go Back 👈 BREAK-THE-MOULD PART 4 - Heavy Lifting & Chill MEASUREMENTS Time to Reset Your Relationship With The Weighing Scales In this BREAK-THE-MOULD Body Plan you are investing in building a stronger, healthier and firmer body with shape and curves in the right places. Not to mention providing optimal nutrition to thrive, addressing symptoms of malnourishment from long... Continue Reading →

Supercharge Your Brain

We know exercise is good for us, but it's not until we REALLY understand the benefits it has on us until we start making it a real PRIORITY in our life. A large body of research on humans demonstrated that consistent aerobic exercise (e.g 30 minutes everyday) can have long term positive effects on our brains. This... Continue Reading →

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