Steve’s “Awesome” Morning Fuel – When Vegan Protein, Healthy Oils & Hot Espresso Collide!


Would you like:

  1. More morning energy?
  2. A smoother, longer effect of caffeine without the crash or jitters?
  3. A tasty warm ‘cuddle in a cup’ drink in the morning?
  4. A dose of healthy fats and proteins to start the day?
  5. AND to fire through the morning mentally sharp and physically switched on without wanting breakfast or snacks?

Whilst this isn’t a miracle drink, for me, this may well be the best start to the day I can have. It tastes incredible, reduces 3-4 drinks I would have into one, and fuels super productive mornings without any desire to eat until lunchtime. This warm smooth incredibly tasty chocolatey drink is now my daily go-to morning drink after some Salty Lemon Water (I’ll explain some other time). It replaces my Protein Shake, my Latte and my Pre Workout shake.

Only 2mins to Make – Oh, and it takes no more time than pouring a cuppa tea or coffee!

This is a Pimped-Up and MUCH tastier version of the ‘Bulletproof’ Coffee – is it worth it? morning drink I also swear by. Take a look at that article for a deeper dive on the benefits of Intermittent Fasting combined with Coffee and Fat (Coconut Oil/Ghee/Butter).


Super tasty Salted Chocolate Caramel mixed with a deep roast of an Espresso shot, made smooth and silky with a dollop of Coconut Oil and a milky nuttiness from Almond Milk. Elevated even further by mixing in some hot water, giving you the snuggly comfort of a Hot Chocolate on a winters evening.

Longer & Better Energy Than Coffee

In todays age, we consume coffee with little to no fat. Either black, or low-fat milk. That means the caffeine is metabolised quickly – giving you a quick hit of stimulation, but the effect does not last long and can lead to jitters. Whereas when Coffee is consumed with Fats, the caffeine is suspended in the Fats, and Fat is the slowest metabolising macro due to the need of bile to break down the molecules. This means a smoother and much longer impact of caffeine on our brain and body, whilst the body also having to rely on the fats for fuel as you will be fasted in the morning (would not have eaten anything for 8+ since dinner the night before).

A Dose of Healthy Fats and Protein

Healthy fats found in Avocado’s, Coconut Oil, Nuts, Grass-fed Butter and Olive Oil to name a few, are essential for healthy hormone production and overall health. Protein is the building block of every tissue and organ in you body. In ancient greek, it translates to ‘first one’ – i.e. the most important. Most people don’t get enough protein in their western diet, and way too much processed carbs. If you want a healthy body, manage your weight and increase/maintain muscle mass for increased metabolism, you need sufficient daily Protein. So, starting your day with a good helping of both, without carbs from the typical breakfast fare (fruit/cereal/bread/pastry/jams), is by far the best choice you can make.

Reducing Your Hunger Until Lunch

Fats when consumed without Carbs on a fasted stomach will mean your body has to use fat for fuel (from the food and your body). It also means that insulin does not spike and crash as it does with simple and starchy carbs, which in turn means a more stable blood sugar level. More stable blood sugar levels will mean less hormonal response to correct the crash – i.e. less ‘hanger’. It’s a beautiful thing.


Again, I would refer to the Bulletproof’ Coffee – is it worth it? piece for a better understanding of what is happening here. The brain uses 20-30% of all daily energy, and is made up of mostly fat. The brain is fuelled only by glucose (carb/sugar), but when fat is converted to glucose, not only is it more intensive but somehow allows the brain to operate with less fog, impairment or sluggishness. You will feel that you are firing on all cylinders, are better at problem solving, are less distracted by food/hunger and are willing to tackle difficult tasks. Throw in the caffeine too, and it makes of a mental sharpness that leaves you feeling like you can see and compute more – Minority Report style!


Steve's “Awesome" Morning Fuel - When Vegan Protein, Healthy Oils & Espresso Collide! - - unblended


  1. Extra Virgin Coconut Oil – 1x Tablespoon
  2. Awesome Vegan Protein – 1x Scoop (Salted Chocolate Caramel)
  3. Unsweetened Almond Milk – 250ml
  4. Espresso Shot – 1x Nespresso Kazaar* or Similar
  5. Hot Water – 100-150ml

EXTRA WELLNESS BOOST: If we want even more benefits added to this morning shake, consider adding a little Turmeric, Colostrum and/or Reishi. Read about the benefits and the products I use in Supplement Pills & Potions – Optimising Health, Energy & Gains.

*Kazaar is only Nespresso capsule to deliver 120mg of Caffeine. All other have 50-80mg.

Kitchen Gear

  1. A Blender (I use a Nutri Ninja)
  2. An Espresso Machine – Pod or Bean-to-Cup (alternatively you could use a French Press)
  3. A Kettle


  1. Add Almond Milk, Protein Power and Coconut into your blender
  2. Pour in an Espresso shot and your Hot Water into the blender
  3. Blend for 20-30 seconds
  4. Drink!


Calories: 262 kcal

Macros: 23g Protein, 2g Carb & 19g Fat

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