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  1. Everyone seems to make this same conceptual mistake regarding the alkaline diet. Yes you are correct that the blood pH is very tightly controlled by the body and food won’t change it. But that is not what the alkaline diet purports to do. Rather you must ask what gymnastics your body has to go through to maintain the blood pH? The adjustments that your body has to make to accommodate an overly acidic diet is what stresses the body. The alkaline diet claims to reduce the sacrifices you body needs to make to maintain the pH thereby promoting a healthier system.

    I’m not necessarily advocating for the diet but at least don’t put up a straw man argument.

  2. food absolutely can alter your blood pH. I stopped reading after that uneducated remark. It’s the ONLY way to balance your pH. Eating meat is acidic; fruit and vegs are alkalizing.

  3. Lockdown is not about a killer virus.
    Governments know exactly what’s going on but they have been given a script and they are following 6hat script. Big pharma/experimental trial gene therepy they are promoting only.governments are not interested in treatments. Genocide is their Aim I believe.

  4. Look up the history of the dengue fever vaccine developed by Sanofi, first used in the Philippines in 2016. After 600 children’s deaths, finally withdrawn in 2018….

  5. Lockdowns, Project Fear and Vaccinations all based on deliberate misinterpretation of mortality numbers. Either using Death Certificates that mention Coronavirus or deaths within 28 days of a positive Coronavirus test irrespective of the ultimate actual cause of death.

  6. Surely with mass testing of children we are now going to have 10million tests per week on secondary age kids meaning at 0.32% FPR, 32,000 false cases every week?

  7. Hi Steve,
    Great work, as always!
    The sheep have succumbed to the master’s call. Everybody’s wearing a face covering to prevent them from “catching” the elusive infection which has come and gone.
    I tell them to throw out their television.

  8. It is no longer possible for government to accept questioning of the scientific basis of its policy objectives, since the social science of behavioural psychology decrees that to do so would undermine the policy objective of maintaining the compliant behaviour deemed necessary by the government’s science. A Kafkaesque situation.

    Social science is different to hard science for at least two reasons. Firstly, we observe other people with our own Theory of Mind, ie we make assumptions about is going on in their minds based on our own experience of having a mind. Secondly, there is a sort of feedback loop, because if people are aware of what is said about the way they behave and accept this analysis, it can affect the way they behave. So you can be studying your own self-fulfilling prophecy.

    The current government propaganda has the objective of curtailing human-to-human contact. Humans are an inherently physical and social species. Human nature cannot be changed overnight, only suppressed, so such the campaign is profoundly misanthropic. The government is making itself not only the enemy of the people, but of their very nature, instilling in their minds a hatred of the their own nature.

  9. Just listened to an old Tony CD about the Alkaline Diet and knew it was BS. I lost a lot of respect for To y based on this. His red blood cells stunningly repaired themselves after 4 week of an Alkaline diet? Piss off, Tony. I’m not an idiot. There’s no science to back that up. Much like there’s no science to backup the NLP stuff he peddles, but I can overlook that as it can lead to remarkable changes for some people.

  10. HI Steve, As always, your work brings food for thought to the table.. I wrote to one hospital here in Toronto and I told them this covid dash 19 would be over if we stopped using the PCR machine. There’s lots of Hydroxychloroquine and zinc. No response yet from these leftys.

  11. I have a severely disabled child who has swimming as one of his therapies and he loves it, he hasn’t been since March 2020!
    He is now regressing and no idea when/if he will ever manage to get into the water again!
    What this Government has done is horrendous and I for one will never forget or forgive.

  12. This info is so useful, thank you so much for all the work involved. I notice the last reader’s comments and may have an explanation for his observation. I have been looking at the v high level of care home deaths occurring in the 3 weeks following vaccination in many countries and noticed that most of these report positive PCR tests before death, thus allocating these to CoVID. They then report that there has been an outbreak of CoVID in the care home. But whistleblowers confirm there were no symptoms and that residents died ( and many sufferers injury and neurological symptoms) with no trace of CoVID sumptoms. There is a report of a resident having swabs pushed up her nose while she was actually dying! Horrendous. In that country there are apparently incentives for allocating deaths to CoVID.

    I assume any primer detecting parts of S will result in a +ve PCR if spike RNA is present. Therefore vaccines containing RNA coding for S will be detected by PCR . So I am very interested to know when all S detection was stopped in the UK. Or has it only reduced? Different trusts seem to.use different assays and all the FOI requests I have seen confirm they go up to 40 or 45 CT.
    Presumably, in Germany, Spain and US, the PCR primers were unchanged? Or are they also changing? Is there any info on this Steve?
    Basically trying to get a handle on whether all these deaths following vaccinating were wrongly categorised as CoVID deaths based on the PCR primers in use.
    Thank you

  13. Hi Steve Katasi, thank you for this!, I cannot say I am at all surprised!, I did suspect that the rapid increase in the number of daily tests was too closely correlating with the reported increase on cases and there was no clear evidence of any real increase in actual infections, this now adds further evidence to that concept. I was wondering however about the apparent dramatic increase in total deaths being reported as due to Covid.
    I knew already that this was suspect and correlation with total excess death might be more reliable, this now looks as if total excess deaths minus the ‘real’ Covid is quite a lot more than it ‘should’ be!, what will have caused that!, could there be a significant element of excess deaths actually caused by the lockdown measures?. Cheers, Richard.

  14. Can we see some ONS data on deaths in care homes since the vaccinations were started there. I saw some weekly data from 8.1 when it went from approx 800 to 1200 to 1800. and then I saw nothing? A whistleblower – manager in a care home for 30 years has said she and her colleagues are so worried about the numbers testing positive after the vaccinations in care homes – they are finding it difficult. My friend’s Mum is one of 19 who tested positive straight after vaccination when there had been no C-19 in the home prior. Her Mum had symptoms, recovered and then got clots on her lungs and ended up in hospital for 5 days and fortunately recovered.

    We need to see if there are any more problems on 2nd vaccination especially after such a long gap which has not been clinically tested. I am also very concerned about ADE or priming and long term issues. It is wrong to say all deaths if there is a positive test 28 days before are included as covid deaths (especially as the PCR test is completely flawed and doesn’t confirm infection) but you can’t have a vaccine and then die and it be related to the treatment?

    Of course we do have treatments that have been proved in many studies to be effective and stop the early infective symptoms, hospitalisations and death but they are not being used. We wouldn’t need emergency measures, legislation and emergency licenses if we had used HCQ and zinc, Ivermectin and calcifediol treatments.

  15. Hello, Thanks for your good work, Steve. Today I will write to four hospitals in Toronto to take them to task about a number of issues. mask efficacy, m RNA injections and the PCR machine which we know was not invented to make a diagnoses.. I enjoy your read every Sunday.
    P.S.Whenever I share this idea with others in the building, they just roll their eyes.

  16. I would like to hear what sort of world we would be living in without vacinations.It does seem incredible what we are going through,all countries in on the vac plan,what stats i wonder on deaths and hospital admissions are they giving out in NZ,as they cant pretend or blame everything on covid.

  17. Links in Sources need better attention ie the links do not take you straight to the data, so you end up wading around in gov websites and soon get lost. Amend this please!

    1. Not possible. The underlying data in question is embedded in certain files (Test & Trace) and/or downloadable via an API call (PHE dashboard). It’s all there, but you’ll need to get to the data sources and work through it. Of course, that’s the point of this analysis, and I always share root sources so people can verify or go deeper / in different directions. I cannot unfortunately spoon feed the data because of the source complexity.

  18. 15% for PCR positivity? Where’s that from? 1.7% is the ONS iS figure for the fortnight to 30Jan21..

    1. You must measure PCR tests vs PCR positives by subtracting the LFD numbers. PHE and NHS Test & Trace have these underlying data – links to those sources at the bottom of this post. The current positivity stated in this post was 11.7%.

  19. You are doing a great job so please keep it up. I am sharing all this on Telegram as most of my friends are on this platform.

    Would it be possible to put in a button for sharing to Telegram.

    I use WordPress and I know it can be done.
    Thanks again Raymond

  20. The increase in the number of deaths in the higher age groups, with a great deal of this group being in care homes, will not necessariliy be on the yellow card. After all those deaths are either Covid 19 or just deaths as expected!!

  21. interesting thoughts, I definitely feel the same, what’s your next strategy for it?, found your website through the brian keane online business podcast.

  22. Hi Steve Katasi, thank you very much for this, it very much confirms the impressions that I have formed that this virus has a very short life-cycle!, this also appears in the current sudden changes in the reported infections and deaths in the UK!, it is now very clear that most of the people that become infected, then ill and then die do so within a very short period!, roughly between seven to fourteen days of symptom onset.
    This would fit very nicely with the concept that the disease progresses very rapidly and if the immune system does not kick in and overcome the virus the patient dies quite quickly. There is of course a lot of attention devoted to the small number of long term sufferers but it would seem that most of them are suffering from the side-effects of the infection and their other problems!, the virus is no longer involved and they are not infectious!.
    While this body of evidence is still building it is not possible to come to any definite conclusions other than the probable timeline for transmission and illness excludes any chance that the lockdown measures have had a significant impact on infections!and the PCR testing has been no real help!. Cheers, Richard.

  23. Life is about the small things that I used to take for granted. Never will again. Thanks for keeping calm and carrying on! 😁

  24. Hi Steve Katasi, thank you for this, I see no good reason to dispute their findings!, it would very much surprise me if the vaccine for a very nearly harmless virus could cause much trouble, there is one small point I think I should raise, in your remarks you say something about the human immune system as if there is some difference between the way it works with a vaccine and the way it works with an infection, it is and always is the same immune system!, each of us has an immune system which works for us in its own peculiar way and is sometimes compromised by problems of one sort or another but apart from the severity of adverse symptoms the system always works the same!. Cheers, Richard.

    1. A very weak fact-check – as most of them are. Following a standard protocol of smearing, picking off factoids they can argue against semantically, whilst not addressing the body of the content.

  25. My understanding is that the genome sequence fragment used in PCR tests is the same throughout the world and was supplied by China in the early stages of the Spring 2020 outbreak in the west; and that differences in case/test rates between populations is likely to be largely accounted for by varying CT’s applied to that single sequence fragment test

    That beingh so – and whether or not the single Chinese sequenced genome fragment still applies – I would like to know how differrent so-called virus ‘variants’ and ‘strains’ are identified since, bearing in mind the cost and technical challenges of doing so, I doubt that new whole genomes are sequenced willy nilly then edited to produce appropriate new test fragment then rolled out in new PCR test kits..

    Any information on this? – since it appears to me that the ability to conjure ‘new strains’ out of thin air (much like central banks with new fiat currency) has the potential to keep us in fear and lockdown for a whole lot longer regardless of the statistics

    1. Hi Peter. I write about the challenge ongoing against the PCR test design put out on 23rd Jan 2020 today. Check it out.

      Also, read and

      We’ve got a lot of sequencing capacity in this country. However – we are NOT changing the PCR tests, at leat not systematically. As such, there new variant (sep 2020) B.1.1.7 had a mutation that knocks out one of the genes in the test. Making it less accurate me more likely to create false positives.

  26. Hi Steve Katasi I will be very surprised to see any significant reduction in the number of reported deaths because there are very very few people dying with an ongoing infection!, the PCR test does not identify infected people, just those with some slight exposure! and a lot of completely false positives!. There I have said it now!, please correct me if I am wrong!, another three weeks should settle it, of course we will have to find some way of weeding out all the natural reductions due to the end of the worst of the winter’s surge!. Cheers, Richard.

  27. Hi Steve Katasi, to begin with I thought, ‘aha more bloody snake oil’, but I read through it anyway and when I got to the bit about the inside of the cranium being illuminated in daylight I remembered how we used to take a torch under the bedclothes, close our lips over the lamp and laugh at each others glowing faces.
    While writing this and mulling it over I am wondering how little LED lamps can offer anything like the one kilowatt per square metre we get from direct sunlight.

  28. Hi Steve, Thanks for your great effort. There are so many sheep here in Toronto, I may have to try to wake these people up. I think they watch too much of the “flood the zone” television.
    Be well,

  29. Thank you so much for this site! Honestly, no doctor or naturopath has even come close! This, I think gets misdiagnosed as so many other types of arthritis and autoimmune problem quite often. It’s all making so much sense after all this time.
    My newly-found pain in my right sciatica is almost making me pass out at night after going carnivore. Looking for a painkiller so I can sleep and function again. I did go cold turkey!

    1. You’re welcome. All the best with your recovery. It was a wonky and challenging few months for me, but it was worth it in my experience. Do connect with Elliot Overton if you need some guidance beyond the protocols he suggested in this two-parter.

  30. Hi Steve Katasi, thank you again for putting this up for is, I take a great interest in it for the way it indicates the variations and changes in what is happening!, it is a great pity that so far no way has been found to accurately identify those actually afflicted with Covid 19, but in the meanwhile hospital bed use and capacity is a good guide to the situation overall. It is very clear that even in the worst examples where fo obvious reasons the maximum of Covid suspects are in the proportion of Covid 19 patients is still less than one third of the total! and less than twenty of the countries hospitals are actually full!, one however looks a bit strange!, capacity is stated as 70 then it says 88 in with Covid!, are they having to share beds?. Cheers, Richard.

  31. Hi Steve Katasi, it seems to me that as long as the company apply the same rule to all customers without prejudice that is up to them!, that they might find themselves a risk from claims of harm as a direct consequence of the vaccine that is a risk they take, after all no-one is forced to take their holiday with them!, the same freedoms must apply equally to all!, there are already a significant number of similar demands made on customers for a variety of diseases, admittedly all much more dangerous but this is nothing new, I had to have a bunch of jabs before I went to Sri Lanka!.
    Cheers, Richard.

  32. I use Appblock on my Android which blocks any apps I tend to use compulsively e.g. Youtube.
    After blocking them I realised how empty my life really was…

  33. Hi Steve, and Ivor when you see him!, thank you for this!, I have been an avid follower of Ivor and his work for several months and nothing that he has said here alters my opinion!.
    Many of the issues he refers to are ones that have troubled me for fifty five years!, one of my early experiences was at school when I was about thirteen!, I got caught up in passionate argument with some classmates who insisted that I was pro Russia, we were in the throws of the ‘cold war’ at the time!. I tried to convince them that just because I was there to challenge some of the anti-soviet propaganda did not mean that I was ‘on their side’, just that I wanted to keep an open mind. I was then very shocked to be told by one of them with the full support of the others that I had to take one side or the other!, there can be no neutrality!, the reason I was so shocked was that it had never occurred to me that such a concept was acceptable!.
    From then on I knew that I was always going to be there out on my own and for a long time I was very angry, frustrated and lonely!. Gradually I learned to communicate better and stay with our common ground until a good relationship is established, always all I had to fall back on was my principles!, as for Ivor you can only guess how pleased I was to encounter the work of KRP, his books were not published in English until the early nineteen seventies!, ever since I have been saying that ‘the logic of scientific discovery’ should be compulsory reading in all secondary education!.
    On the topic of trying to deal with the same natural weaknesses of human perception, confirmation bias and cognitive dissonance I am sure that I cannot trust myself!, everything that I come up with has to be peer reviewed. I have to communicate with others and actively seek constructive criticism!. This does become a habit and gets easier!, in fact when I want to say anything controversial it always goes over better if I preface my remarks with a request for challenge!, of course any rejections have to have some factual foundation!, I don’t abandon a hypothesis just because someone doesn’t like it!. Underlying this and absolutely fundamental to how it works is that while any refutation of the commonly held concepts have to be solid I do not need to assert that anything I say is true!, all I have to do is put it out there and see what I get!, I am not doing any of this to prove anything!, all I want to do pass on some of the advantages of clear thought and critical conversation.
    The talk of the second wave issue is always very clouded!, in principle a second wave has to occur in exactly the same location or community!, even when the later outbreak is in a closely adjacent population it is still not a second wave!s. So far I have not been able to identify a real second wave anywhere!, all of the recent winter surges can be explained by the huge increases in PCR false positives! combined with a slight resurgence in seasonal infections, mostly due to climate and confinement!. The fundamental character of a second wave must display the same trajectory as the ‘first’ one!. The so called ‘second’ wave is just the mis-reading of seasonal increases and endemic disease!. Cheers, Richard.

  34. Thanks so much for this! I was used to being isolated in my ideas as a low-carber, with friends and family taking the opposite, mainstream view. So I guess I just accepted at first that I would be isolated when I continued to follow the science, via Ivor and others, when it came to the most important issue of our lifetimes. Only recently have I realised how stressful it has been (and continues to be) to see where this is heading and yet to be beating my head against a brick wall. My partner and most of my friends all swallow the official narrative, and just don’t want to look at the reality or science, so my life is filled either with arguments or awkward avoidance of the issues, neither of which paths I’m happy with. This is the first podcast I know of which addresses this situation, or something similar, and I’m really grateful to you for going out on a limb yourself – it does help!

    1. Ah thank you Steph – glad it connected with you. It really is a tough time at the mo for those who can think rationally. One flew over the cuckoos best definitely comes to mind…

      Please hang in. Truth and sanity will breakthrough at some point. x

      If you are able to leave a quick rating/review on your podcast app or at TP that would be most helpful. Thanks. 👍🏼

  35. This is a ghastly experiment to see if CO2 levels drop after 18 months of low economic activity. Load up on Vitamin D
    one of the few ways of increasing man kinds ability to deal with novel virus’s.

  36. great info as normal and your points above for how would you engineer vaccine success are exactly what I’ve been saying as well..

  37. I have a suggestion.

    Let’s treat the vaccines in the same way we treat positive PCR tests. If a person dies within 28 days of receiving it, then let’s classify it as a ‘vaccine death’ – sauce for the goose and all that.

    OK somewhat tongue-in-cheek but, that Norwegian regulatory authority doctor did say “all these deaths were of people who were old, frail and with several serious co-morbidities” – or words to that effect. Now where have I heard that before?

    So what’s killing them; the vaccine (virus) or the co-morbidities? or, as common sense suggests, is it a bit of both?

  38. Hi Steve Katasi, it would surprise me a great deal to find that none of these deaths was caused by the vaccine!, the whole point of a vaccination campaign is to immunise a large enough cohort of fit healthy willing citizens so that an infectious disease cannot spread through the population and get to those that are most vulnerable!, this particular virus is having a devastating effect on a small cohort of mostly older but more importantly unfit people! all that cohort should be excludes from the vaccination effort!, the risk to them is always too high!. Cheers, Richard.

  39. Ivor talks so eloquently about society being lost in Netflix, tech and all the other changes that are happening and have misplaced their learnings, beliefs and values. I think people have sold their souls to distract from the inevitable. All in the name of safety. Let’s brush it under the carpet and perhaps it will never happen. Unfortunately we are not immortal.

  40. Brilliant … a life line to those of us who watch in silence not out of fear but restraint!
    This is further confirmation that the world of politics and lack of leadership has gone mad!
    For the first time in my life (March – April – May) I felt alone intellectually … I thought i was either crazy and stupid or arrogant to think I saw and understood things that 99 % of fellow humans could not see? On a good day i thanked my parents for a european education … on a bad day I felt that the world today is full of weak cowards that do not deserve the luxuries they have!

    A saddened veteran who would think twice of going to war again for my fellow snowflake oxygen thieves!

  41. What a brilliant and erudite discussion. Thank you, Steve, for sharing this. I have followed Ivor and his like-minded pals, and his near superhuman efforts for some time, and this just adds to my fulsome respect for the man. Tom Paine was of a similar mould, and I sent Ivor my favourite Tom Paine quote a while back in respect of this sordid debacle. It is as apt now as it was back then.

    “It is with a pious fraud as with a bad action; it begets a calamitous necessity of going on.”
    – Thomas Paine

  42. I really appreciate the calm truthful data you give and find your videos a breath of fresh air from the propaganda on every channel every day.I have been interested to know where the UK govs borrow the debt ,but have been blocked when trying to research this unless on BBC and newspaper sites.I think it’s really important as each day we are billions more in debt and who our governments owe money to obviously hold incredible power and profit from the poverty and debt of the covid response lockdowns and restrictions.Do you know who the debt is owed to?

  43. I bought in to this madness back in April 2020, believing it to be the Thanos thumb snap, I had the Virus, I was ill for a few weeks, very odd symptoms.. I was a zealot, barking at people for not following the guidance, all that stuff. I decided to look for Scientific proof that it and my actions were all justified, I couldn’t find any.
    Weeks and months of research came to one conclusion:

  44. Just listened to this podcast and it is excellent and very informative. I have been following Ivor Cummins for over a month now and he has become the voice of reason and common sense throughout this very bizarre long episode of Covid hysteria which, frankly, is all I can describe it as. I agree with Ivor Cummins if this had been labelled as a serious influenza and people identified it as such I think the reaction would have been more diluted. Steve Katasi is an excellent interviewer and I have listened to a few of his podcasts, he asks searching open questions and allow the interviewees to express their views. Well done.

    1. In this crazy world of broken and frankly fraudulent mainstream narrative I am so thankful that Ivor and all his other truth seeking comrades exist and are speaking out and holding steadfast. Belief and search for the truth is the most difficult path in this world right now. It would be so much easier mentally to go with the government line and just accept and believe what is happening, like so many people are (cannot understand it and I have really been able to see the lack of intelligence and free thinking in the people who I thought were intelligent and scientifically minded). BUT those of us who are just normal.people wanting the truth and who hold our principals dear (as many seem to not have for some reason that I cannot fathom) will not give in to this utter utter fraudulent game that is being played. I question most days if it’s me that’s wrong. Like most probably do. It’s gaslighting on a monumental scale. Utterly depressing but there is no way on this earth that I will give up my own mind to this tyranny (short of harm to my children). Ivor is an absolute beaming light in these crazy times and I am so thankful that he is as strong and capable as he is. Keep up the fight Ivor, and all.of you who seek the truth. I hold.on to the premise that truth will prevail but I am in no doubt that it will be a long long game.

  45. Another excellent discussion, a pleasure to listen to. My only gripe is that there have now been so many of these; yet those in power remain undeterred in their wanton destruction and unwilling to debate intelligent contrarians. Maybe we should all stop tripping over ourselves to say we’re not going down the conspiracy route. Nations locked at home, muzzled, unemployed and desperate whilst their previous wealth flows up. Somethings going on and it ain’t healthcare. Keep up the great work.

  46. Just started to listen to this. I’ve followed Ivor from September when the penny finally dropped that things no longer felt right. His deep data was deeply appealing

  47. Ivor, I’m with you fella. How can I get you to understand that I mean that? I can’t really. If I somehow could, and believe me I’m here for you and the team, I would happily come to your aid and your assistance if asked. I do believe that you, above most, matter in this battle. Take special care my friend, Shaun

  48. Norway is issuing warning against using the vaccine for the elderly and vulnerable – exactly those to whom the UK is giving the vaccine.

  49. Hi Steve Katasi, I do appreciate the effort you go to to publish this channel, and this is an important topic, one that I have seen fit to consider for many years!, I too think that suppression of free speech is not a good idea!, I do however also think that some regulation of commercial publication is desirable! when people are allowed to publish false opinions as fact and profit from it I think a line is being crossed!, I think that what we need international agreement on legislation that would allow the confiscation of all the income from any commercial publication that the publishers cannot substantiate!, this would mean that they would still be free to publish if they wanted to take the risk but if challenged and unable to defend they would fave the penalty!. This way all the rest of us would still be free to say whatever we like whenever and where-ever!, this would inhibit some of the U-tube channels content creators!, but not the commentators!. Cheers, Richard.

  50. The following is another telling illustration of the propagandistic absurdity of the current definition of a ‘Covid death’:

    Remarks of Dr Steinar Madsen,medical director of the national drug regulator, Norwegian Medicines Agency, on the deaths of 13 people following Pfizer vaccine jabs:

    “We do not see anything alarming with these figures. All deaths are in elderly and frail people with underlying diseases,”

    RT English report
    Original Norwegian report

    I guess the guy must be imune to irony

  51. Hi Steve ,

    Minor point – I get number of deaths from 22+118+326+132+284+154 = 1036 not 1041

    Why the discrepancy ?

    Thanks for the work BTW.

  52. Thank you for being the voice of reason, along with those like Dr Clare Craig. Transparency, Honesty and sharing the details… Unfortunately, our government doesn’t understand the meaning of these words. They’ve surrounded themselves with scientifically illiterate and arrogant individuals – the so-called experts – who think they know best and are using a nation as guinea pigs to test their theories. It’s time for independent bodies to be set up to hold the government to account, and for a nation to start to adopt some critical thinking rather than sitting back and accepting everything they are told.

  53. Hi Steve, thank you so much for this interview!, as I sat and listened to Clare I was deeply impressed by her manner and delivery!, in particular the clear ways she details her ideas. The way she describes what she thinks has happened and the ways in which she thinks that the reported data much be used to refute false claims!, that without the clear empirical evidence a claim that tries to insist on a causal route has to show evidence!.
    I have been watching the statistics for the last ten months and every time I look for patterns they appear and disappear!, early on the correlation between positive tests and subsequent deaths showed one ratio!, it was quite consistent over the first three months, then during the summer it changed quite dramatically!, very few people were dying!, then as Autumn came in the reported cases started going up and gradually the death rate came up too, but a quick comparison between a week in November and a week in December about the same numbers died but the December total for reported ‘cases’ was nearly three times higher!, at about one in ten, meanwhile back in April the ratio was about one in six!. The range of variation cannot be explained by variations in the virus!. Cheers, Richard.

  54. Are you also saying msm gov are double counting deaths already reported on previous days?
    If so we should shout out from the rooftop this fraud

    1. Hi Andrew. No, this is not showing double counting. Instead, using headline language and reporting behaviour to disguise the fact that the daily death figures are from many many days and NOT from the last 24 hours.

  55. Hi Steve Katasi, very interesting!, thank you. My first thoughts are relating to the distinct possibility that here at last is some clinical evidence to support the contention that it is the PCR test that is the cause of this anomaly!. The huge disparity between the the cases reporting symptoms n the non-vaccine cohort and the very small number reporting symptoms in the vaccinated group!. Your text was a bit ambiguous!, in the first part you refer to those with Covid 19 syptoms not confirmed by PCR test and in the second part you just say suspected but un-confirmed cases. I am understanding that it is observed symptoms that ;confirm’ infection!, most scientists do not rely on the PCR test!. Chers, Richard.

  56. tried to share on FB and they have blocked it as some find it offensive apparently, they the truth hurts

  57. Hi Steve Katasi, I do appreciate what you have posted and agree that fear is our worst enemy!, as a person bedevilled by terror as a child and now immune!, I also agree that the sense of ostracism is quite severe!, not entirely unfamiliar however because I have been a devoted truth seeker all my life!. When I found out that truth is very elusive!, all of us are victims of cognitive dissonance to some degree!, confirmation bias is just as bad, all our thought processes are conditioned by our feelings!, all in all we simply cannot trust our judgement!. What I had to come to terms with is perpetual uncertainty!, never being absolutely sure of anything!.
    During this adventure we call life I have come to understand that when it comes to finding falsehood things are a little easier!, it turns out that the simplest single bit of empirical evidence can reliably refute a hypothesis!, so we can find out un-truths quite easily! this means that by a long process of elimination we can weed out most of the lies and try to work with what is left!, fortunately we do not need to do much!, the environment in which we live is not hostile!, unless we make it so!, even then most antagonism can be deflected or diluted!.
    All of this is of course just what I have come up with!, I make no claims to veracity, just that for me it gives me a reliable working template to sort through most of the garbage floating like scum on the public awareness!.
    Cheers, Richard.

  58. Hi Steve Katasi, I really want to know more about this!, are there any other sources of published information about the way the PCR test actually works?, I understood from published reports back in April last year that the standard false positive rate for the 45 cycle PCR test was about three percent, and more recently another channel comments section from someone said that the test uses about twenty base pairs for analysis, what I want to know is more about the relationships between base pairs and the genes! and that calculation for accuracy, on the face of it what you have said implies that over ninety percent of the day’s sixty eight thousand positives were false because they took six hundred and twenty thousand tests!, that would leave a mere twelve thousand ‘real’ positives from which all the other false positives must be deducted!, this implies that the sheer scale of the deceit is breathtaking!.
    The same logic has to apply to reported deaths as well!, the ones with real Covid 19 must be about ten percent of what they claim!. I am willing to consider this quite possible since the total excess deaths is very low for the time of year! and the other causes of mortality have to be higher!, apart from a possible reduction in road deaths!. Cheers, Richard.

    1. Hi Richard. Get started with this assessment of the PCR issues:

      You may want to listen to our interview with Dr Clare Craig (co-author of the above) which speaks at length about PCR texting:

      Beyond that, take a read here where there are a collection of scientific opinions on the new variant and (downplayed) consequences of knocking a gene out in the PCR Test: Scientific response to the new variant and PCR testing (3 to 2 genes):

      Lastly, there are numerous easy to find technical explanations on how the RT-PCR test works at a RNA, DNA and amplification level.

  59. You seem to miss the fact that the pinch points are ITU/HDU beds not the total number of beds or the total number of admissions. SARS is called SARS for a reason, respiratory distress can be treated with difficulty and needing lots of resources. Death rates are important but how many more would there have been without modern medical facilities? It is reasonable to assume that few admitted to ITU would have survived without it.
    Above and beyond this is the need to try to prevent people in hospital, staff and other patients alike, getting infected – no small task and it will never be 100%. This is why bed occupancy rates have changed, coupled of course with the understandable desire to stay away from hospitals unless essential.
    Its important to be critical of government – we live in terrible times in so many ways, but suggestions from armchairs statisticians that the pandemic crisis is in any way not real is a real insult to many people impacted by it.

  60. Hi Anita, the daily figures are rubbish indeed, without the trace and isolate function they have no value at all!, and a you suggest are deeply fraudulent!, but of course highly profitable!.
    The trouble is that all the time we allow politicians to meddle in medical issues about which they know nothing we are stuck in an endless loop of lies and cheating!. Where I live the local ONS reports claim that we have forty six new ‘cases’, but that number is based on the number of positive tests divided by the number of citizens in the ward then multiplied by 100,000!, there are only about ten thousand people living here so the forty six has to be divided by ten!, that is 4.6 new cases’ in one whole week!. they are drowning us in lies, damn lies and statistics!. Cheers Richard.

  61. The daily testing figures are utter rubbish! There is no way on Earth that many people are being tested daily! Where are they being tested? People all over the country have filmed these so called testing stations and they have all been found to be empty, just a bunch of hitler youth security guards and the nurses and drs that are performing these useless tests!

  62. Thank you so much – as ever you are doing so much to keep us informed and sane. I don’t know how you manage to produce so much material. One of 2020’s heroes- you deserve a medal!

  63. This article seems to say once enough vax is out we will all go back to normal. We know this is not the case so why is the article so benign?

  64. Here in Canada, we are led by Doug Ford, Dr, Eileen de Villa, Theresa Tam, Christine Elliot, John Torah,Dr. Williams and Dr, Barbara Jaffe who read daily from a script. I have yet to see any of them speak from their heart.
    They enumerate “cases” of corona dash 19 which means a “case” could be someone you sat next on the subway two weeks ago! The death rate is well below 1% and even then most people in that one percent have other afflictions that actually cause their demise. We are led, alright, down the bloody garden path.

  65. Steve finally I have found a podcast that really gets down to the nitty-gritty! Your efforts to give a voice to such fine minds who bring clam rationality in a world gone mad has brought me salvation during these dark times – thank you!

  66. In my kids secondary school it is voluntary & under 18’s need parent/guardian signature. I’m hoping this is voluntary all over the UK.

  67. I have been following Clare Craig for some months now, as one of the most persistent voices of knowledge and sense available anywhere. This interview was invaluable, informative and thought provoking. I’ll be recommending it to EVERYONE.

  68. Very concerned that those that have supported this documentary have allegedly been sacked or suspended from their professions. Does not lend this documentary any credibility at all – and before you complain – I have watched it. If their peers think this little about them and their views then it clearly puts the views expressed in considerable doubt. Therefore, I would issue this with a health warning. You may be subjected to inaccuracies, bias, personal opinion and professional doubt.

    1. Three Nobel Prize Winners support their views in one or more aspects. Besides, thousands of doctors around the world and milions of ordinary people who are able to think have, at least, objections to the amount of contradctions involved in this Covid19 story. Therefore, if you agree with everything the authorities mandate people to do, you are blind.

  69. Hi Steve Katasi, thank you so much for presenting and publishing this newsletter, some of the detailed scientific issues are a trifle beyond my reach!, but nevertheless appear to be following a coherent narrative so I am willing to accept your conclusions especially when you make clear statements about exactly what is NOT known.
    From the very beginning I was posting comments on various channels encouraging other people to avoid making decisions based on speculation!, it was obvious to me then as it is now that doing that sort of thing just goes from bad to worse!.
    The fact that at every turn and twist the politicians that have hi-jacked this issue have been desperately trying to impose their will on an element of nature that we cannot control. the panic and frustration just sends them further and further over the edge!. Cheers, Richard.

    1. Thanks Richard! Glad our stuff is helpful and offering a means to have evidence-based discussion with those around you. We need to keep our sanity somehow in an insane wow – hope our stuff helps with that a little. 👍🏼

  70. Surely also for the participants who started the study and were later excluded, the reasons for exclusion should be noted. ie. were they exclided for valid reason? Also strange that later in the study, a far larger proportion of the placebo group tested positive. So did the vaccine efficacy increase as the study advanced?

  71. Thank goodness for people like you Steve. Spot on! Keep dishing out the truth to keep all us fellow humans who do remember how to use their brains assured that this is reality, not done weird dystopian dream! Thanks again!

  72. First off, I notice that you are slightly anti-vaccine in the same way (perhaps they are worse) they are pro-vaccine. Still, the summary above is a pretty good treatment of what the podcast revealed. I am an MD as well, and have enjoyed Dr. Attia on many subjects prior to the COVID situation/dilemma/control experiment; my suspicion is that he is too public to a) not make a statement on the issue and b) be as overwhelmingly critical or audacious in exposing most of the fear and fraud for what it is. It is refreshing to see both of these gentlemen be quite honest about how essentially they are happy others will be used as guinea pigs. I found myself blurting out loud (at the podcast) “Why would you take a vaccine with potential adverse effects, mostly NONE of which we know, when the virus is overwhelmingly benign? Even Attia here said that death from SARS COV-2 is “staggeringly low.”

    Add those ideas to yours, the fusion protein causing major additional/unexpected immune responses (Offit is clearly worried about that, again glad he was honest), and I just think that for smart people to act like this is something we should undergo is quite detrimental to everyone’s health and again, the scientific community. I think my personal selfish motive is that the vaccine would come out just to get these attack dogs and NPCs for the global initiative to control us off our backs. It’s sad because I don’t believe that for the overwhelming majority of us this is necessary at all. Let old people and the obese decide if they trust a rushed vaccine for a virus that has never had a succcessful vaccine. Jeez. My other wish is that we can just get negative tests to do things such as fly, go here or there, etc and not be subject to vaccines that healthy people just plain don’t need. Just like the corporate and pharma alliance for yearly influenza – if you don’t understand that was far more about money than health – you aren’t paying attention.

  73. Well now does,nt that make you wonder,,,,and who the hell do we believe,,,,still not sure even after reading all this??? I m 70 year old with COPD??

  74. Then there’s Paul Offit, perhaps the most widely-quoted defender of vaccine safety.

    He’s gone so far as to say babies can tolerate “10,000 vaccines at once.”

    This is how Offit described himself in a previous interview: “I’m the chief of infectious disease at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and a professor of pediatrics at Penn’s medical school,” he said.

    Offit was not willing to be interviewed on this subject but like others in this CBS News investigation, he has strong industry ties. In fact, he’s a vaccine industry insider.

    Offit holds in a $1.5 million dollar research chair at Children’s Hospital, funded by Merck. He holds the patent on an anti-diarrhea vaccine he developed with Merck, Rotateq, which has prevented thousands of hospitalizations.

    And future royalties for the vaccine were just sold for $182 million cash. Dr. Offit’s share of vaccine profits? Unknown.


  75. So much useful info here. Thanks so much Steve. Readers always need to bear in mind when they are interpreting any statistics, graphs etc though that a high proportion of what is now be being classifieds as CoVID is in reality other illnesses ( which are labelled CoVID is they have a PCR positive). PCR does not actually test exclusively for CoVID as other respiratory viruses can also trigger a positive. We have got a PCR driven false epidemic.

  76. Excellent Podcast. I noticed that when I played it on my computer internet browser that the bar that told me the number of minutes disappeared and I could not pause it.

  77. My letter to Mailchimp:

    Dear Legal team,

    I am a paying customer of Mailchimp. Having read the below updates to the STOU, I have some concerns generally regarding broad strokes censorship of Email – considered the safe place to communicate without interference.

    Please can you clarify the following regarding the Section 17 update:

    (1) What specifically is Mailchimp’s intent here? What communications are concerning and require this change of policy?

    (2) 2020 will be known for many things, one of which is unregulated censorship by private companies. What is Mailchimp’s motivation for this announcement, now?

    (3) I am deeply concerned by the statement “in our sole discretion”. This could not be more vague. How does Mailchimp define truth? What specifically will be your sources of truth?

    (4) Much of mainstream media peddles untruths to varying degrees. Public consensus is quickly becoming manipulated by relentless propaganda from establishments and wealthy players who can bankroll a seed change in public ideologies. How will Mailchimp differentiate between objective truth and flawed status quo consensus?

    Needless to say, I believe Mailchimp are entering into a dark place with this notion that you will censor email communication on the basis of what is Mailchimp’s “version of truth”. Social Media platforms are complicit in eroding freedom of speech this year, and it seems unconstitutional and an attack on people’s inalienable rights.

    Pointing that effort at email could backfire and lead to greater perpetuation of unchallenged propaganda from those that have the money and intent to imprint their ideology on the world.

    Please give some careful thought to this email. Abusing this STOU change as the service provider will be concern for a great many customers.

  78. One really needs to hear the words of a true expert in the field of immunology etc, etc especially in the matter of Covid19.
    Dr. Mike Yeadon was interviewed on YouTube on the Dolingpod (James Dolingpole)
    This is one of most enlightening disclosures l have ever heard. He has named and shamed those supposed government experts. Called them Liars. Yes……liars, live on air, and challenged them to sue him. What he has to say about SAGE is mind-blowing.
    One really needs to hear this as it’s a real “eye opener. It lasts for 1 hour 40 but its well woth listening to.

  79. Hi Steve et al,
    Great to see your newsletter and thanks for your hard work compiling everything. We have a normal flu season but the manner in which governments use the new corona to force lockdowns and vaccines is totally egregious.
    Be well.
    JIm Sheldrick

  80. I fully believe that what we are seeing is a ‘casedemic’, and I’ve tried to talk to friends and family about false positives, but what I tend to get in response is “but what about false negatives?”. This is where I am struggling, as I’ve not yet found anyone who can validly explain why the false positives are not likely outweighed by false negatives.
    It seems to me that your figures above are in some way ‘circular’ – you base the expected covid presence on estimated prevalence as of 25th sept, and then use this expected presence to calculate an estimate (20%) of the number of cases that wouldn’t be detected (false negatives), then deduct this from the expected presence to get an estimate of the number of true positives expected to be found in tests. But surely the estimated prevalence (B rate & C rate in your table) are themselves in some way determined by test results? And false negatives would therefore be ‘feeding into’ these prevalence estimates (possibly making them lower than is the actual case??)
    How are the prevalence rates estimated? Please someone correct me if I am wrong with any of this, as my gut feeling is screaming at me that the positive ‘case’ numbers we are seeing are massively inflated… but I am struggling to find the correct science to back this up. Everyone that talks scientifically about false positives, doesn’t seem to talk about false negatives (therefore seen by some to be “cherry picking” the data to suit a certain narrative).
    I read Dr Kendrick’s article which you linked, hoping that this would provide the correct science about false negatives too, but there seem to be errors in his explanations – the formula for specificity means specificity is the number of true negatives that are actually picked up from tests as a proportion of the number of people tested who are not actually carrying the virus (from what I can understand, TN + FP is the total number of people tested who are actually negative, not the total number of tests carried out as Dr Kendrick says, nor the total number of negative results, as someone in the comments on that article suggests as a correction – I think this latter would instead be the “negative predictive value” rather than specificity?)
    And he mentions an estimated/average figure of 16% false negatives, but then doesn’t expand on this at all to show what this actually means in terms of the numbers.

    I do wholly believe we are seeing a ‘casedemic’ rather than an epidemic, but would really like some correct science to back it up, and balance it with false negatives, if anyone can point me in the right direction for this?

    1. Just thought I’d best add now that my confusion in the comment about the figures maybe being ‘circular’ has been cleared up over on the original facebook post! Thanks.

  81. Great podcast. I actually think Chris is one of the most interesting knowledgeable guys out there.

    That said! I had to crack up a bit when Chris said that Instagram claims about gaining 10kg due to supplements are all bullshit.

    Chris was involved with one of the most egregious scams in supplement history, the Biotest Anaconda scam, which has pretty much been scrubbed from the internet. The claims were that subjects were gaining 24-lbs. of muscle in six weeks.

    Come on, CT. Reckon with your own past.

  82. An interesting article, but if you argue that animal agriculture is not a big issue, then ultimately you are being blind to the effects of climate change and planet scale habitat loss.
    Granted, intensive agriculture is almost always bad with regard to carbon storage, soil degradation and efficiency in terms of getting the sun’s energy into people as food. However, investment is required into the areas of plant based alternatives in order to get the ball rolling in terms of changing diets.
    I’d be interested to find out the practices of these companies and determine their impact on the communities they source from and the habitats their crops are grown in.

  83. I can’t believe that you seriously cite Gary Taubes and Jason Fung as sources for this hypothesis. Are you kidding? Lyle Mcdonald will have a stroke when he hears this. Do your homework. Read up on James Krieger or get the results of Kevin Hall’s research. You’re leaving the path of science and following snake oil salesmen. What’s next? Dr. Oz?

  84. Why is this information not told to our government? Can’t there be a debate on television ‘government versus common sense’. Fed up of being looked down upon when I am not wearing a mask…

  85. Thank you for this clear information. I’ve been trying to get this point across, but so many people refuse to listen. I love your phrase ‘flatten the fear’.

  86. I can’t understand why so many are willing to follow so blindly in giving up their freedom and civil rights. Can they really be so dense as to not see the bigger picture and what governments are doing. We used to be such a strong race, a proud people who fought for freedom and our rights, never to be fooled as is now happening. Time to get some self pride and gumption back and WAKE UP.

    1. It’s a sad time for the UK people. Submissive and ignorant behaviour in the name of “an easy life”. It’s small action, but equally a massive moment. I hope this idea of face masks eroded quickly when people soften on their fear of the virus and being fined and shamed. 🙏🏻

  87. While I’m not in agreement with the practice of selling editorial space to the highest bidder, the articles do contain a quite clear notice that the content is sponsored by an outside organization. Propaganda nonetheless, but not much different than an advertorial in The New York Times or other such sponsored content.

    1. I agree – it is good that both Guardian are transparent on the Animals Farmed section of OPP’s “sponsorship”, and that OPP are open on who they fund. The big issue is the Propaganda machine they have carefully funded and orchestrated, with The Guardian acting as the mouthpiece. And, whilst you and I are aware of this funding and propaganda, most will be oblivious to this. They will see The Guardian posting every four days on these matters and (1) think the issue must be so huge that The Guardian are compelled to devote so much of their time to this voluntarily and (2) have their worldview shaped by this work without understanding the other side of the discussion. I can say, having dedicated much time to understanding regenerative agriculture and even most other more conventional ruminant agriculture – there is so much more to understand, including some incredibly positive aspects that are critical to a healthy planet and healthy humans.

  88. I appreciate that you and Ivor didn’t devolve into anti-vax and conspiracy. You stuck to the data. I think you really nailed it with asking him what he would do if he were a politician and had to make the call. That really demonstrated his measured and rational thinking. I loved his response. To me, this is not about conspiracy but lack of understanding, political realities and a lot of FUD. I only hope that people open their eyes and see how this was a gross over-reaction and maybe they won’t tolerate it for the potential “2nd wave”.

    1. Thanks VJ. Means a lot to get your praise for how the conversation was handled. It’s a lonely ugly job dishing out truth that the super majority don’t want to hear. The saving grace is that people are by default truth seekers. We just need to help them see past social conditioning and faulty belief systems. Spread the word VJ.

  89. Great podcast with Ivor C. I think that Ivor makes total sense. I can only wish that more rational thinking people would use their reason and not their emotions. The data is clear. The data is not perfect and there are holes in the reporting, but they are good enough to draw the conclusion made by Ivor. One does not need to be an expert in epidemiology to see it. Just basic math and statistics is enough. Of course most folks cannot reason in scientific terms, so we are stuck with political leaders who have to cater to these emotional forces. Even the medical advisors to the politicians will be biased and will take the safe route, and recommend to maintain the lockdowns. Very sad and irrational.

  90. Well I think the elephant in the room is the prescription drug data of all the people who have died. No one seems to be addressing or investigating this. None of the many hours of various news programmes, nor any of the multitude of eminent doctors and professors who are interviewed. Big Pharma fears?

    1. That would be interesting data to review. We do know that 95% of fatalities included at least one diagnosed comorbidity, which tells at least half the story…

    1. Hi Dod. Whilst it’s a more accepting term, I also find it is esoteric and not very relevant to the individual. GDP per capita works and makes sense to the individual. 10 deaths out of 13.24 million 0-19 year olds would be 0.00000076 that is arbitrary and non relatable. The Per Thousand Population metric was used to help people picture the risk ratio. Most people can picture 1000 people – say a decent sized school. People struggle to picture what a million people would look like, and therefore per million is not helpful and helping describe risk in relative terms to the individual. Thoughts?

    1. If you would be so kind Kathy, it would help the show a great deal if you could leave a short 5 star review on Apple Podcasts. Thanks! 🙏🏻

    1. If you would be so kind, it would help the show a great deal if you could leave a short 5 star review on Apple Podcasts. Thanks! 🙏🏻

  91. Really great listening to this. Can identify on many things said here. Great job guys on being this open. Makes us stress less with daily thoughts and feelings.


  92. As a former 80s bodybuilder, I used to follow a low fat and high carb diet. I could get competitively lean for a show, but was constantly battling the feeling of low blood sugar, dieting for a show and off season. So at 40 yrs. old, changed to high protein, mod fat and low carb diet. Mostly by eating from the meat counter and produce market without any processed carbs at all. I quickly evened out my blood sugar, stay very lean without feeling hungry and able to maintain a good amt of muscle mass at 58 yrs. old. I also noticed my HDL has increased to 80+ and LDL decreased to 40s, as well as triglycerides to the 40s. So I have been following the above suggestions for nearly 20 yrs while my brothers are all following the normal American diet and have all of the above medical issues, so I know my health is not a genetic gift.

    1. Love this! Thanks so much for sharing William. There’s your studies people… an 18 year walking talking study on the value of a happy healthy low carb lifestyle! 👊🏻

  93. I wish I knew these concepts decades ago that Paul described! Could have saved myself so much time in the gym. Please have him on again!

  94. I have switched to white chocolate. The migraines with cofee and chocolate and even milk products were so horrendous….I lived on raw eggs for 3 weeks. What component of the egg helped me? I do not know.

  95. I would really appreciate a list of the supplements talked about, I find most of them difficult to spell when listening to the podcast. Because I would really like to try the neurotype supplemenation.

    Best regards,
    Tim Lind, @timbiohaxx (Instagram)

    1. Hey Tim.
      From memory (across excite / inhibit):

      Magnesium Taurate, Glycine, Lemon Balm, 5HTP, Melatonin, Tryptophan, Benfothiamine

      Cordyceps, Tyrosine, Alpha GPC, Leucine, Rhodiola, Mucana Pruriens.

      Take another listen back and it should all come together. There’s a lot to unpack! 👊🏻

      1. Holy fuck yes,

        I probably have listened 5 times and I finally got really annoyed with not being able to spell all the names so that is why I finally had to ask about it.

        I just woke up here in Sweden so I am going to try to work some tyrosine magic. I found your podcast 100% thanks to Christian Thibaudeau. And slowly started listening to other episodes.

        To me I find the neurotyping stuff like finding the holy grail of fitness and health. Knowing that I am a 2A have helped me a lot. Plus, I have already helped a lot of friends. And talking about neurotyping with people they want collaborate with me.

        So thanks Steve and thanks Christian 🙏

        You rock!

      2. Thanks Tim!

        Yep, Christian is an incredible leader in the space of better understanding our physiology and how to work with it.

        Also check out @willtgewallace who focusses on neurotransmitter research.

        Enjoy the ride Tim! #BeYourBest

    1. Hi Renee. Thanks for asking! 🙏 I’m doing great in all fairness. Prob 3 months in now. Diet and lifestyle are really working for me. However, there are a bunch of unexplained nuisances atm. Had two eye styes, still have finger neuropathy issues (worse at night), and minor joint injuries / flare ups. Energy can be a tad bit off from time to time, but in all fairness I’m nit picking at this point. So, think I’m still dumping, but hopefully through the worst of it and life is energised and and enjoyable. Just need this little random things to stop showing up… . What’s the situation with you Renee?

  96. All my issues are in the upper back, neck, and shoulders. Its so much better, 12 months carni, i had first 2 months amazing on carnivore, but sometimes pain comes back, more tolerable than before. Could be dumping..

  97. The heavyset button isn’t working. Is there something we can copy in to the clip board?

    1. I have iOS 13 beta. It’s a bit buggy. On initial attempt the button didn’t work. Then realised the page was completely unresponsive to link clicks. I refreshed the page, and all resumed, including the HeavySet Button. Hope this helps John

  98. Frank Tufano is an embarrassment on Youtube. Richard Burgess has debunked and debated him numerous times, among many others. Also check your pseudoscience, you’ve got it all wrong.

      1. Chris Kruger, that’s the best you could do? The guy that eats “unlimited red meat and eggs” for views? Total animal ag shill. Lol I rest my case.

  99. This was probably one of my favorite AdaptNation pod cast. The arguments you made re; why carnivore diet is healthier than vegan (or rather big food) make soo much sense.
    -can’t make a dog a vegan
    -lion’s would die if don’t eat meat
    -Bear Grills show, when people catch food instead of eating root
    There were soo many good examples.
    Oh.. another good example : Plants don’t have teeth, or can’t run… so they produce toxin’s to reduce desire to consume…
    I know, this pod cast was a culmination of data from other pod casts w/the doctors, which were all good. But those pod casts didn’t bring it all together as this one.
    So – I have been trying this carnivore diet. For past 2 weeks. However not 100%… I can’t give up coffee..
    However I am eating less vegetables, and more meat (chicken, fish, meat).
    I tried eating Live/kidney’s – nearly vomited… however Sardines, Anchovies are good.
    I even started this carnivore diet is healthier w/family and friends.. Some good questions came up which I struggled answering.. wondering what your thoughts are
    1.) Meat (ie; Steak): has lots of calories.. if your counting calories.. would you go over if you eat more and more steak?
    2.) Hippopotamus are vegans… and have been around for long time and kick ass. They thrive off vegan food – why can’t humans?

    1. Ah thanks James. Really appreciate you taking the time out to give this awesome feedback.
      Good for you on giving Carnivore a go. I knew you had the metal to try something like this. I wouldn’t say it’s essential, but it is an incredibly effective and simple diet approach with loads of upside, taste, nutrition and minimal nutritional consequences. Do take a read of for my perspective and others on the benefits.

      Personally, I am not on a Carnivore diet. I’m in good health. I am however on a Meat-Dominant diet, where I am 10% carbs – coming mainly from rice, potato, mushrooms, a little salad etc in the evening. Quite a departure from my old WOE, but I am enjoying the dense-nutrition, taste, mood and energy stabilisation, lack of gas/bloat, fat adapted state, and knowing I am calming some inflammation from years of slamming down lots of fibrous and plants with anti nutrients.

      I love the fact you are promoting the benefits. Do point your family to some of the recent podcasts with guests to dig in to some of the detail. I too have my kids on diet heavy in animal-based nutrition and they are thriving on every level. It feels great to know they are getting all the nutrition they need, in the most bio available format, in the right ratios, and without all the anti nutrients, sugar, grain, seed oils and other junk in modern processed food and kid treats.

      Re Carnivore – couple things. I would absolutely try and favour fattier meats and cuts over leaner meat. Lost of the nutrients are locked up in the fat. Plus, to prevent rabbit starvation or having too high blood sugar levels, you should be looking to get 60-70% of macros from fat. Beef and beef related products are by far the most valuable, when combined with oily/fatty fish such as Salmon, Sardines and Anchovies. Liver, Bone Broth and Marrow would feature too mate, to make sure you don’t develop any deficiencies.

      I hear you on the liver front – I felt the same way. Just sear the liver so it is still red/pink inside and it tastes so much better. Or, try this, it was delicious –! Failing that, Pate is a great option. I’ve grown to love the stuff, especially if you make it yourself (super easy). Liver is literally a super food – chock-a-block with most the nutrients a human needs.

      re Questions:

      1) Great question. Personally, I’m struggling to bulk on 4300-4500 calories, when I could easily put weight on (mostly fat) on about 3600-3900kcals mixed diet. I actually spoke at length about this with our guest Sam Feltham – his experiment will blow your mind! . In essence, the thermic effect of protein is higher, plus due to the v. low insulin spikes, you burn fat, leverage the fat you consume, and dump the rest. That said, fat is more calorific (9 kcal per g), so in theory you would need to make sure you fit into your calorie budget depending on your goal. Play with it… bulking (i.e putting on fat) on a carnivore diet seems to be a lot harder for men than you would expect.

      2) Hippos are (pseudo)ruminants, like grazing cattle (cows, sheep, goats). Their rumens (specialised gut) has chambers and bacteria that allows them to break down cellulose and other plant fibres and convert them to quality muscle. They graze all day to achieve that objective. Humans have monogastric digestive systems, which are fundamentally different. A much more acidic stomach, no rumen, and limited fermentation capability. Our guts are much more like dogs than anything else, including Apes (who also need to eat constantly to extract nutrition out of the vegetation they eat) Humans, based on fossil nitrogen analysis, combined with your gut design clearly call out that we are facultative carnivores. I.e. we are largely a carnivorous species but have adapted to digest plants in times of need – check this out

      Also, get your family to watch the Perfect Human Diet by CJ Hunt on Amazon Prime. It clears this up perfectly!

  100. Love the info you put in the graphs, especially the one with calories and deficit. Never seen anyone put something this detailed out. Seeing exactly how you managed your in- and output is very motivating, especially when compared to your results. Great Job!

    How did you do the graphs?

    1. Thanks Martin! Just trying to open peoples eyes to how predictable and non-dramatic weight loss can be if you take a little time to understand the mechanism and measure/track. You don’t need to do these things to lose weight – but it helps increases certainty and speed without feeling deprived and sad.

      For my graphs, I make them myself using excel. Bit of a nerd! 😉 Happy Scale for iOS is a pretty cool app for visualising weight loss and trending etc, but does not do the kinds of correlations I wanted to observe.

      1. Thanks for the reply Steve!
        I am a visual Person and things like these tend to motivate me. Do you Plan on making some of the Tables and Graphs available as you do with your calorie planner? I’m sure some of your readers (me included) would really appreciate this, even if it wasn’t in a clean and presentable form.

        I really like your take on refeed days. I first heard about the concept from Christian Thibeaudeu when he said that 1a and 1b (as myself) neurotypes would need more frequent refeeds, but he did not go into detail at that point.
        For your Refeed days, it seems like you just took your moderate exercise number from the TDEE calculator and not your actual maintenance based on your activity, so you still had a deficit at the end of the day. Is that about right?

        As an anecdote:
        For my cut this year i decided to drop calories to 1500 (200 under Basal Metabolic Rate) as i had gotten my nutrition pretty clean by the end of the bulk. At first it went well, hunger or cravings were not much of a problem.
        After about two weeks my ability to sustain intensity dropped dramatically. When before i deadlifted 130kg for 12, now i could not bring myself to even do two reps. I started to skip workouts because i needed more sleep (I work out in the mornings) and my training Discipline and Motivation, which was commendable for the last two years, was just gone. The weights just felt too heavy in my mind although my muscles could still lift them.
        After another couple of Weeks dieting, external stress and often only walking the dog in the Mornings for 45min and very slow results, i realized i had massively crashed my system to the point where i could not keep up with work and family obligations.

        It took me almost another Month of rest, actively favoring carbs and fat as well as a vacation in Italy with daily pasta, pizza and wine to make me feel stable again (with the expected fat gain).

        Now i’ll give it another go and get my intake to about Basal Metabolic Rate and will make sure not to skip on the fats. Additionally i’ll put in the refeed Days, as per your example and go back to maintanance after four weeks, to avoid further crashes.

        So thanks again for your articles and the transparency. It really helps me to get back on the horse!

      2. You’re welcome Martin, and thanks for your kind words!

        Regarding my refeed days, I go with my ‘actual’ Training Day TDEE. I refeed on training days and also train the day after. This give me more kcals, and I can use them the next day. I use an Apple Watch, and because I’ve done this for a long time now, I can get a read on my actual TDEE by triangulating Calculated vs Watch vs Weight Changes.

        There is no plan to share the graphs at this stage Martin. Maybe some point in the future.

        Keep it up. And, if you haven’t already, do check out the two Eps with Christian on the AsapNation Podcast. 👍🏻

    1. Hi John. It’s unlikely that the earliest #HyperWorkouts will have a HeavySet routine input created. All new workouts will however, including the upcoming JUN-19 #HyperWorkouts.

    1. Hi John. It’s unlikely that the earliest #HyperWorkouts will have a HeavySet routine input created. All new workouts will however, including the upcoming JUN-19 #HyperWorkouts.

  101. Great stuff Steve… I think that you can feel amazing about what you and your family have achieved this year. 2019 looks like a time when your enthusiasm and knowledge can make a hell of a difference to a lot of peoples’ lives. I won’t bother wishing you Good Luck… that infers that you aren’t totally responsible for the outcomes… which I believe you are – I’ll wish you fabulous success! Cheers, Martin

  102. Hi Michelle! Your fridge is like mine! I love cooking healthy food, I only eat chicken and fish plus Quorn and love my salads! Oh and lots of herbs and spices!! Going to have a look at your recipes now. Love Tracy xxx

    1. Hi Tracy, Thank you so much – oh you’re very good… I really don’t enjoy cooking but we have to eat 🤣 we’re mainly chicken and fish people too and I love Quorn but Steve doesn’t!
      Let me know if you try any of the recipes out.
      Lots of love,
      Michelle x

  103. Absolutely Amazing! As Michelle’s sister in law, I think it’s fair to say I know her pretty well, over the many years we have become great friends and Michelle is like a sister to me who I can talk to and share anything with! We speak often, you know the usual girly chat, nothing gets missed but what is usually part of most conversations is weighloss, diets etc!
    She is an amazing wife to my lucky brother, a wonderful mum and a very kind and loving person who we are all very lucky to have in our lives..

    Michelle you are an absolute inspiration! I know the ups and downs you’ve had with your weight throughout the years And I know how hard it must have been to bare all but I honestly think that your honesty will motivate and encourage so many woman.
    You are living proof that it’s 100% possible to reach your goals, not just lose weight but better your health and mindset. You’ve taken control of your life and what you wanted and look at you now.. You are a mum and wife before anything else, your completely committed to your family who
    I know always come first, you do the normal every day ‘mum’ chores, which I know they’re a hundreds of! And yet you still manage to look this incredible! After two kids aswell!
    Well done 👏
    Love you lots,

    Zoe x

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