Daily Movement For Runners

Following our latest Podcast (#4) covering the topic 'cardio' we spoke about the importance of daily movement and why it's important for everyone but even more so if you are a runner. The nature of running means it's a repetitive movement pounding the ground, so we need to keep our bodies in good condition. Many runners... Continue Reading →

Deadlift Tip

There can be many reasons why you are not reaching your full potential on your deadlift, its a complex movement, but todays blog is based on one of the most common issues I've seen working with clients over the years. Let's get into it... When lowering the weight we want to ensure that the barbell... Continue Reading →

Creatine – Not Just For ‘Meatheads’…

Creatine is one of the most heavily researched supplements in the history of sports nutrition, with over 200 studies performed over several decades. It has material improvement in athletic performance, is safe, and has many other benefits in support of a highly functioning body. Creatine, best known for its ability to build muscle and enhance... Continue Reading →

How To Master The Pull Up

  This is the start of your journey where I have laid out the 6 simple steps to mastering your perfect pull up. Challenge. Starting with the first step, work your way through and master each step until you can perform 10 strict pull ups. This could take months or it could take weeks but... Continue Reading →

Know Your Limits

Not knowing your limits will only cause setback and injury; this is something we at AdapNation have seen and experienced in the past. Not being able to train for weeks or months due to injury is not fun, and it only slows progress. We understand you need to push your limits in order to reach... Continue Reading →

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