So What's the Problem?

Being fit, healthy and the best version of yourself isn’t that hard, right? It’s academic. Sure… but why do we have so many rampant problems with disease and obesity, whilst the global Fitness Industry takes $80 billion dollars of our hard earned cash every year? It’s a complex problem to unpack, but it comes down to a rapidly evolving lifestyle and environment we’ve found ourselves in over the last sixty years, and a combination of naivety and untruths that has had us make a whole heap of bad decisions. Our bodies and minds haven’t been able to keep up. 

Luckily, we’re witnessing a movement. Whilst somewhat underground, there is a growing awakening on how to make smarter choices – leveraging science, overwhelming anecdote and  bold leaders.

AdapNation's Mission

At AdapNation, we look to accelerate this movement. To accelerate change. To synthesise the useful information and give you the tools and knowledge needed to lead your best life ever. To help you break free of harmful fitness and nutrition dogma, and intuitively experience true health, strength and wellbeing. 

Inspire Self-Optimisation. Inside & Out.

What Makes Us Unique?

We blend corporate expertise, entrepreneurialism and tech-saviness with professional experience in the fitness and wellness space. The collision of two very separate worlds.

We’ve got a student and teacher dynamic – think Karate Kid and Mr Miyagi! Regular guest contributor Bryn Jenkins, a certified fitness and nutritionist coach, has worked with hundreds of people over the years. He’s seen all shapes, sizes, personalities and genetic profiles. Steve Katasi, a man in the pursuit of greatness of body and mind, found his passion in this space, and is leaving behind corporate success to bring about change through sharing his every experience of growth and change.

Meet The Team



“My life has not been about fitness nor the fitness industry, but working out and being healthy has been a beacon I’d find myself returning back to again and again to gain confidence, energy and being a catalyst for change when I felt disconnected from myself.

Bringing discipline and then hardwired habits around the gym, nutrition and wellbeing has been a force for good in my life, and has led to several huge leaps forward over the last fifteen years. I believe respecting and owning your physiology is a great place to start, and inevitably leads to a cascade effect across everything else you care about.

My career has been in corporate IT sales and leadership. Think about helping protect the data of millions of people through supporting the largest businesses in the world securing their IT systems. A successful twelve years – the growth, connections, impact and personal wealth has been incredible. But you know, sometimes you can be good at something, but it doesn’t mean it’s your calling.

Since 2016, I’ve transformed physically more than any other time in my life. Fitness and wellness found me, and it’s been my obsessive passion ever since!

In 2018, fitness propelled me forward once again, to go leap into risky entrepreneurial waters, in the pursuit of following my dreams and making a positive difference to the world whilst I am on it.

Things need to change – we all deserve to be told the truth and be given the tools to lead an optimal life, and be the best version of ourselves. That’s my personal commitment to you. Let’s go!”



“I have been in the health and fitness industry since 2013 as a Personal Trainer working on all things rehab, weight loss and performance. I am incredibly passionate about helping others reach their full potential and getting the most out of life with a body that is runs optimally.

Since the age of sixteen, I’ve gone on a personal journey from being the weak skinny kid with no confidence to becoming a bigger, stronger and more confident version of myself.

My mission via AdapNation is to help you realise your potential and teach you that lifting heavy weights and eating broccoli is just a small part of the picture and goes way beyond just looking good in front of the mirror.

I am a family man with many hobbies and interests outside of the gym and would like to lead by example and show you that you can look and feel great whilst doing the things you love in life.

My Semi-Private Gym outside AdapNation can be found at Intent 2 Improve.”

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